Top Remote Working Habits – How to Stay Switched On When You’re Working From Home

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As an essential, technology-driven business, the LuminateOne team has been well-positioned to embrace the remote work paradigm, and we have been fortunate enough to work without interruption these past few years. From an outsider’s perspective, we have navigated this ‘new normal’ with relative ease.

Some of our team members have enjoyed remote working from the get-go – while for others this took some getting used to! In our close-knit team, this has made for some illuminating discussions and knowledge-sharing regarding our individual remote working habits.

1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Communicate expectations clearly with others in your household about when you will be working. Communicate your expectations with your employer too – keep them informed when plans change, as they often do, and be open about what challenges you are facing. Overcommunicate. Don’t let any in-person meetings fall by the wayside, instead move them to a digital platform, such as Teams or Zoom. Keep your calendar up-to-date. Have regular check-ins with colleagues. If you are working from home with kids in the mix, then do your level best to communicate boundaries, knowing full well it is going to be hard for everyone. Scheduling dedicated time for being silly together can be helpful. The juggle is real.

2. Remove distractions

When both my husband and I were working from home with our three preschoolers, I fell in love with noise-cancelling headphones all over again. Headphones on meant I was solidly working (no matter what was going on in the background) and headphones off meant I was available to interact and answer a barrage of questions. Removing distractions can be as simple as having a clearly defined workspace, setting timers, planning meals and snacks in advance, or closing all personal tabs and applications. Know your distractors, and plan accordingly.

3. Hold on tight to your routine

remote routine

It may be tempting to discard the steps you normally go through before a ‘normal’ workday. But for your own benefit, be sure to clearly define both the start and end of your work time. Get yourself fully dressed, have a good breakfast, plan your day, and begin. Similarly, make sure you let others know when your day ends, and switch off completely if at all possible.

4. Be compassionate, you’re only human

Keep in mind that you, your clients, and colleagues will likely be facing similar challenges, and a compassionate mindset goes a long way. Be charitable. Seek to clarify if you think you may have misunderstood. Know that if you make a mistake, you will learn from this and try again.

5. Stay Connected

Dedicate a messaging channel to chat that is not work-related. Share memes. Call your teammates. In our team, we often have themed Jukebox [ JQBX ] sessions so we can play music together while we work! These little moments of lightness and connection help us to enhance team wellbeing, even when we’re not able to catch up in person.

Here at LuminateOne, we are proud of the culture of collaboration and connectedness we have cultivated over the years, which has allowed our team to adapt to the conditions no matter where we work.


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