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LuminateOne has played a major role in enhancing a digital system helping young people into the workforce.

Three staff worked over three months to upgrade an app at the centre of Smart Waikato’s endorseMe® work readiness tool, based on the New Zealand Employability Skills Framework.

Work readiness skills are endorsed on a young person’s phone app by employers or mentors directly or via an online portal. Using the system, up to 30 work-readiness attributes, or soft skills, can be endorsed and downloaded for use on the job-seeker’s CV.

LuminateOne co-director Tim Hampton says the existing system was “quite challenging” for administrators.

For employers, he says the work undertaken by LuminateOne makes for a modern,easy-to-use platform.

Tim says this means significant time-saving for “endorsers”, helping achieve a Smart Waikato goal of youth-to-employment success.

LuminateOne also completed enhancements to the app, which he says particularly focused on making log-in easier.

Tim says LuminateOne recognises the importance of creating a pathway to employment for young people.

“This is a great tool to help people entering the workforce,” he says. “With it they can develop the skills employers are looking for.”

The work readiness system is available to schools and organisations throughout New Zealand, aiming to identify, record and develop skills or capabilities.

Attributes identified as “essential” by employers include positive attitude,communication, team-work, self-management, willingness to learn, thinking skills and resilience.

endorseMe® being used on a mobile device.

Smart Waikato CEO Mary Jensen says endorseMe® helps young people, and their teachers, mentors, and employers,  identify skills the young person already has and those they need to build on and develop further.

“This will then help to set them up for a successful transition into long-term employment.”

Along with employers and teachers, endorsements can come from a variety of sources including teachers, coaches, work experience providers, community leaders and volunteer supervisors.

Mary says by engaging in the endorseMe®  process, employers and mentors are not only having a positive impact on young people but also on the economic development of their respective region by helping to develop a strong, committed and work-ready job-force.

For the co-ordinator/host organisation, Mary says endorseMe®  provides a record of a young person’s work readiness.

“It gives an overview of their respective strengths and weaknesses,” she says. “As a tool for goal-setting, it is a platform for courageous conversations.”

Mary stresses the importance of work readiness for the country’s economic future.“It’s about making sure our young people have the right skills, attitudes and preparation to help them find and keep a job.”

endorseMe® is powered by Career Central, a careers management platform for youth organisations.

Young people, employers, schools or organisations wanting to use endorseMe®  must be registered with a co-ordinator or Smart NZ.

For more information, email

To learn more about the programme, check out


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