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LuminateOne developed key elements for a unique digital device, helping older members of our community communicate with loved ones.

Kitcal is an easy-to use tablet with an integrated communication app designed and built by LuminateOne.
LuminateOne was the obvious choice to develop Kitcal based on the comprehensive applications they have built in the past and the fact that they are local, with their headquarters situated in Matamata.

The specially designed accompanying application,” The Kitcal Companion App,” allows family members and friends to call, send messages, and calendar additions remotely to the Kitcal user via a mobile device.

“It was a big build, spanning over six months,” says LuminateOne co-director Tim Hampton.

He says the key was to keep the system as user-friendly as possible while remaining functional and easy to administer.

With a single, pre-loaded app, the tablet has a clear layout with large buttons and is ready to go from the moment it comes out of the box.

Kitcal co-founder Julie Caldwell says the tablet can receive calls, messages, photos, and videos to which seniors can reply with pre-set emojis. “We’ve taken off the keyboard, which is a major barrier, and now responses are easy and stress-free,” she says.

The Kitcal® tablet in use.

Another key feature is the calendar.

“Traditional calendar options can be confusing for the senior generation, but Kitcal always shows today’s date and time, with family able to set events and reminders remotely,” says Julie.

“For seniors living on their own, the ‘Check-In’ function provides a shortcut to messaging, giving peace of mind to their loved ones.

“Seniors can also request a voice or video call at the touch of a button.”

With connections to the tablet unlimited, the dedicated Companion App can be downloaded for free on to any Smart device.

Julie Caldwell says the system solves a problem facing many New Zealand families, reconnecting the senior generation to the world around them and reducing their social isolation.

“Daily digital connectivity is something that younger generations take for granted,” she says.

Julie says recent New Zealand studies show that digital engagement can enhance the wellbeing of older people, reducing loneliness and supporting family relationships. Together, LuminateOne and Kitcal aim to achieve this.

For more information on the Kitcal system, go to


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